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He writes about product management, provides career advice and curates content from all over the internet to help students and early career professionals navigate their way in tech.

About Kiran

Kiran currently works with Hoppscotch to shape the future of API development and testing, spearheading the creation of an unparalleled API development ecosystem.

In the past, Kiran made significant contributions as a Product and Growth Intern at IBM Quantum & Qiskit, driving the development of a future-ready quantum workforce while fostering an inclusive community in the vibrant Asia-Pacific region.

Furthermore, his impactful role as a Product Manager at Vahan (YC 19) empowered blue-collar workers, enabling them to attain a newfound sense of financial security.


Twitter: @thetronjohnson

LinkedIn: @kiranjohns

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Kiran Johns

I write about product management, philosophy & education